Class Schedules

Our classes use a thematic approach that integrates reading, math, science, social studies, music and art. Simplicity is the keynote of the program during the first few months of school. Group time activities are kept simple and short. As the children become familiar with the classroom routine, gain confidence and feel comfortable in their school environment, the time given to group and individual activities changes accordingly.


The program gives each student the opportunity to develop independence, creativity, social awareness and strong self-esteem. Each child is exposed to all phases of readiness through many diversified activities in a social setting. Activities include arts and crafts, story time, finger plays, cooking experiences, music, movement, games, outdoor play and age-appropriate language arts/mathematics experiences.


In addition, a variety of learning centers provide children with the opportunity to develop social skills, make decisions, work at their own pace, develop creativity and expression, and communicate ideas. The various learning centers include: Housekeeping/Dress-Up, Writing Center, Blocks Area, Sand/Water Tables, Art Center, Puzzle Center, Science Center and Library Center.


For a more detailed overview of our program, please check out Our Program Overview



2 Year Old Program

Our 2 year old program is designed for our youngest students.  Families may choose from a 1 day a week program or a 2 day a week program.  In our 2s’ Classes, children get their first school experience, learning routines and how to be friends.  Academics are integrated through play, exploration, and crafts.


3 Year Old Program

Our 3 year old program is a great program integrating both academics and socio-emotional skills.  We work on whole child skills, including spiritual, physical, mental, and intellectual development.  Our 3s’ Classes are all about independence and learning to thrive away from Mom and Dad.  Families may choose from a 2 day a week program or a 3 day a week program.

4 Year Old Program

Our 4 year old program is a lovely balance between celebrating the 4/5 year old and preparing them for kindergarten.  Children learn, play, and explore.  By the end of preschool children are prepared to leave us and go off to kindergarten.  Families may choose from a 3 day a week program or a 4 day a week program.

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