Our Community



Glyndon United Methodist School is a traditional part-time preschool. We’re an affordable first school experience focusing on the whole child. Our teachers create a safe environment where children are seen as unique and important individuals.


Fostering Community in Classrooms:
Alongside academics, school readiness, and individual development, our children learn how to be part of a community. Children are encouraged to make choices and are guided through problem solving in social situations. These foundational skills teach children to love others, develop friendships, and learn together.

We are a community-centered preschool with our children at the heart. Surrounding our children are our teachers, parents, and church support who work in partnership to create a nurturing and thriving preschool. Our community it comprised of three parts:

  1. Our collaborative teaching staff with its high quality program,
  2. Our parents who take an active role in enrichment, fundraising, and general support through our co-op inspired organization,
  3. Our church support and board leadership who provide our physical space and oversee the development of our school.

Parent Participation:
Families can choose to participate in our co-op inspired organization where each family plays a role in enhancing our school through enrichment, fundraising, and general support. Families who choose to participate in the co-op will receive a $25 per month discount on tuition. Families who are unable to commit to a co-op role may still participate by volunteering in class and school activities when their time allows.