“Through participation in the Preschool, [Our son] has grown in ways we hadn’t anticipated. Namely, we’ve noticed a newness in play and use of his imagination. He has a greater appreciation for structure and a renewed commitment to sharing and turn-taking. The nutshell is that his world just grew so far beyond our hopes and expectations that we could go on and on with a laundry list of our observations. We have all benefited from the program, siblings included. We will miss so many things about preschool, but mostly we will miss the cautious, loving and nurturing community we found here.” -Mrs. K


“I chose Glyndon United Methodist School for my children’s preschool because of the warm and loving teachers.  One of the things I love best about the school is that the 4 year old class has lunch during the school day.  This helped my children learn how to eat lunch in a quiet classroom with teachers before heading to kindergarten where they would eat lunch in a cafeteria with lunch helpers” -Anon.


“My now 16 year old also attended GUM preschool. He was totally prepared for kindergarten and I loved the atmosphere there” -Ms. H


“Both of my children have attended GUMS, and we could not be happier with the program.  GUMS provides a loving, caring, nurturing, and educational environment.  The teachers, all of them, are simply amazing.  The 4’s program more than prepares the children for Kindergarten- They come out with all the necessary tools and are so well prepared for elementary school” -Mrs. and Mr. C.


“During our children’s time at GUMS, we have felt nurtured by the staff here.  I am so glad for my sons to be able to experience such a caring loving environment for their first school”- Ms. T.


I’ll be 33 this year and I attended back when I was three/four. Loved it and still have some memories from there!” -Ms. J


“Our 3 year old has been home with a caretaker.  GUMS has given him a wonderful caring place to socialize and learn.  His two teachers are very kind and patient.  Each day he comes home with new knowledge and very happy stories about his day” -Ms. C.