Registration Policies

Registration and Enrollment Policies for 2018-2019 School Year


Registration and Enrollment period

When we have received both the registration payment and registration form, your child has a spot in our program.  A child is not fully enrolled into our school, until we have all completed child care forms.  No child may come to school without all forms completed.  Additionally, families are expected to read and sign the parent handbook, prior to starting school.  We will continue to enroll new students until the class is full or until February 1, 2019.


Tuition payments

Yearly tuition is broken up into 9 installments.  As a deposit, the last month’s tuition payment is paid at registration and the remaining 8 payments are paid on the first of each month from September 1 through April 1.  Families may also choose to pay tuition in full, prior to September 7, 2018 (the end of the first week of school), will receive a 5% discount off of the tuition price. Please email our director ( for total due.


Registration and Student Activity Fees

Our registration fees go towards processing registered and enrolled students. Our student activity fees go directly towards the special activities in each class.  3s’ and 4s’ classes go on 2-4 field trips each year and have a special “Music and Movement” class during the winter months.  This fee also helps provide supplies for our Christmas program, Mother’s Day, and Graduation, as well as other special events and activities.  


Classroom definitions and student birthday cut offs

Each of our classes are designed specifically for the development of the children’s age.  Our “4s’ Class” is designed for children preparing to enter kindergarten in the fall of 2019.  Children are expected to be potty trained in both our 4s’ and 3s’ Classes (including no pull-ups).  Our “2s’ Class” is designed for our youngest children and do not need to be potty trained, though some students will be.

While we embrace and work with each individual child, we ask that children have turned the corresponding age prior to September 1, 2018.  In efforts to reflect BCPS guidelines as well as be flexible with families, we may accept children who have birthdays between September 2 through October 14 into the older age class.  In order to be considered for the older age class, families must register that child into the younger class.  A family interested in our 2s program through this exception may not start school until the child has turned 2, and a written request from the family is required.  In all cases, If there is space, families will be notified on September 1, 2018. If the family chooses to enroll in the older class, remaining registration payment will be due by the first day of school.  Each class will accept no more than 2 children through this exception. Decisions will be made on a first come basis.  


Inclusion Statement

We welcome all children and are committed to providing developmentally appropriate early learning and development experiences that support the full access and participation of each and every child with reasonable accommodations. We believe that each child is unique and work in partnership with families and other professionals involved with the child to provide the support every child needs to reach their full potential.  If your child has a documented IFSP or IEP, we request that you share this with us.  However, it is not required.  The teachers work with the family and early intervention or special education service providers to support child and family outcomes.


Refunds and Withdrawal Policy

If you decided to withdraw your child, the registration and activity fee are nonrefundable.  The tuition deposit for May will be refunded at 100% with a written request by August 1, 2018.  During the month of August, a 50% deposit will be refunded with a written request.  After August, no refund will be made.  

If you decide to withdraw your child after school begins, you must give a thirty day written and signed notice.  You will not receive any refunds on payments already made.  



We enroll children on a first come first serve basis.  When a classroom becomes full, children may be placed on a waitlist.  Parents should fill out a registration form (without payment) and hand directly to the school registrar in the church office.  The registrar will give you a signed copy with date and time.  If a spot opens up, the families will be informed immediately and will have until the next business day to pay the deposit.  If payment is not received, the opportunity is forfeited to the next child on the waitlist.  


Co-op Inspired Parent Organization

If you would like to sign up to be a part of our parent group, to receive a small discount in tuition, please indicate so on your registration form.  There is a limited number of spots in the parent group, and space is given on a first come, first serve basis.  Families participating in the parent organization are expected to fill out a questionnaire along with registration.  Families should expect to put in a few hours a month in assisting our school while participating in the parent organization.  Along with your co-op role, each co-op family will participate in a monthly cleaning of preschool toys.  If parents do not fulfill their duties, they will be expected to pay the full tuition at the discretion of the director.