What do our children say about our school?

Date: February 23, 2017 Author: Terri Dotterer Categories: Uncategorized

I can give you hundreds of reasons why I love this school.  As a mom, a teacher, and a director, I see multiple benefits and the school brings my family great joy.  However, the one perspective that as an adult, I cannot fully display is the perspective of our children.


We asked our 4s’ Class, “What is your favorite thing about Glyndon United Methodist School?  What makes our school so great?”  They were so excited to share their answers!


“I made a lot of friends at school.  I play with friends at school” -K

“I love doing and making artwork” -S

“I love every single part of the playground!” -R

“I like doing the crafts. I love weaving” -S

“I loved going to the pumpkin patch and the library!” -A

“I love to paint.  I paint sunshines!” -E

“My favorite thing to do is playing with the castle” -I

“I LOVE the science experiments that we do with Mrs. Lorber!” -D

“I love the toys.  My favorite is the car ramp!” -F

“My favorite toys are the cars and legos!” -R

And simply…  “I LOVE this school!” -K


Years from now, these children may not remember the toys or the specific crafts, they may not even remember their teachers, but I hope that they remember the love and excitement that filled our rooms each day!