What sets our school apart?

There are many great things about Glyndon United Methodist School! Here are some specific reasons why GUMS is a fantastic choice!


1.  Our teachers! We have committed and loving teachers with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Many have advanced degrees in their fields. Physical and emotional safety of all children is our number one concern.  See our staff page here for more information about our amazing teachers!


2. Little to no technology in our rooms! We have a cassette player for our listening center, and a cd player to listen to music. That’s it. You won’t see a computer or a smart board in our room. We believe that technology can be a great asset to elementary school classrooms, but not for preschool. We know many families limit screen time to special occasions and want parents to have full control of the amount of screen time their children receive.


3. After-school Soccer Program! New this year, our school has partnered with Dynasty Sports Academy to bring our children a safe and fun soccer program.  Our children learn soccer skills and basics of playing in a game right alongside their classmates.  The best part is, it’s at a convenient time for our children and families.


4. A cohesive program that benefits all children who enroll for 1-3 years.  We don’t just say we teach the “whole child” and provide “purposeful play”, we actually do! “Whole Child” and “Purposeful Play” are buzzwords you’ll hear in the early childhood community.  However, what exactly does that look like in action? Click here for our Program Overview to see the specifics.


5. Large outdoor space and indoor recess space!  Our children get a half hour of outdoor recess each day when the weather is fair and above 32 degrees. We have three sections of our playground, including a Noah’s Ark, climbing area, swing set, and our “Ice Cream Shack” (play house, that our children sell pretend ice cream).  We also have a large field and a paved area for games.  The playground is in sort of a hidden area, and is closed off by a gate during recess time. During cold or rainy weather, we are able to use Dew Hall, the church’s large fellowship hall for relay games, obstacle courses, and gross motor skills work.


8. Music and Movement Class During the cold winter months, our students benefit from a formal music and movement class with Ms. Marti.  She has been with our school for over a decade.  The children learn about rhythm and dance, and practice gross motor skills.


9. Community-Centered


8. Large community event with fundraiser in spring Our Art Show in the spring is by far my favorite event of the year.  Our families, church members, and community come out and support our school.  We all celebrate our children’s work and achievements as we enjoy the displays of artwork.  There is also a silent auction for families to place bids, get great deals on items, and support our school.